Working with simple Array to CSV, XML and XLS Class in PHP

Most of the Array to CSV, XML and XLS are having different function or class, So we have though of writing all in same class. Class support different type of format like CSV, XML and XLS. Class is design as calling the static method instead of creating the object, as the current version we have […]

List of timestamp function available in PHP

When I was working in date and time type of module, I came to know about the timestamp format. ┬áBut on that time I used strtime and mktime function from PHP. After that I was analysing about timestamp in PHP, below are the timestamp function available in PHP. So I want to share the function […]

How to access global variable in JavaScript

Accessing global variable in JavaScript, what is global variable where it used. Global variable is accessible everywhere in the script, for example if you want to access variable which defined in top. <script language="javascript"> // declaring global variable var myVariable = 1; Its accessible inside the function or outside the function as variable. there is […]