Caching the Data using APC – Alternative PHP Cache

Now a days most of the website are used to cache their data to reduce the server load, Also speed up the response. We are going to discuss about the APC – Alternative PHP Cache. APC is a Alternative PHP Cache as I already mentioned, its used to cache the data, remove and expire in the given […]

Persistent and Non-Persistent Cookie

Cookie used to store user data in form of text file or memory and access the values from it, Cookie are the part of HTTP header. What is Persistent Cookie ? Persistent Cookie which will store the data in text file with expire date and time. If you are access the website or particular page cookie […]

Working with simple Array to CSV, XML and XLS Class in PHP

Most of the Array to CSV, XML and XLS are having different function or class, So we have though of writing all in same class. Class support different type of format like CSV, XML and XLS. Class is design as calling the static method instead of creating he object, as the current version we have […]

Debugging server-side script using ChromePHP

I have been working for server and client side scripting,  whenever I got the issue in JavaScript used to debug in console or fire-bug based on the browser and extension. But it’s not possible in server-side script, if you want server-side script to track a log entry in browser it won’t support. Chrome Logger have […]

How to change the PHP configuration in 3 ways

PHP has ability to change the configuration setting by using ini_set function, well that’s good to hear. But why it’s need to change the default setting on the fly. If you want to change the variable value for some purpose instead of disturbing php.ini, here is the option you can go with ini_set in PHP and […]

List of timestamp function available in PHP

When I was working in date and time type of module, I came to know about the timestamp format.  But on that time I used strtime and mktime function from PHP. After that I was analysing about timestamp in PHP, below are the timestamp function available in PHP. So I want to share the function […]

Copy image from url to server PHP

As I was working for image module I got opportunity to understand copy image from URL to server. Simple source code will copy remote image and store into server. But you need consider about the bandwidth and storage capacity of the image which you are trying copy from remote. If you are copying the image from […]

Autoloading classes in PHP

When I was analysing about the different framework, they structure are little different but loading the classes are almost same way. Why we need autoload for classes ? Autoload use to load the classes, if you create the object for GetOutput class it will automatically call the filename. Thus filename and class name should be same. Without auto-loading […]

Creating simple Guestbook with PHP and MySql

Most of the website having guestbook in different way to track guest feedback and make their website more user friendly for their visitor. So next time user came to their  website they can feel the change what they have suggested in the guestbook. What is the Guestbook ? Guestbook is the form which will collect […]

Sending HTML Email using PHP

PHP has ability to send the mail from the domain using mail function,  this session we are going to discuss about the mail function and its benefit.  First we will create simple form and PHP script to send mail. Our html file have to, subject and message to send mail. <html> <head> <title> – Sending HTML […]

Different between new tab, new window and incognito window in Google Chrome browser

Chrome browser have three different viewing window side. New Tab New Window New Incognito Window New Tab which will open in next tab in same window, by clicking the “New Tab” in top right side corner of plus sign or clicking on customise and control in right. New Window open as separate window, so you […]

Creating Access control in PHP and MySql

When I was working for a module, I want to give access for the selected user for the selected access control for a webpage.  But how its possible for all the users for different access control. So I have decided to go with session side for access control. Which I can handle with PHP and […]