How to run loop without using for or foreach loop over array

I use to contribute source code in few website, in that website one person asked question how to run the loop without using loop in array. On that time it’s trigger on my mind is array_walk function which can surface key and value without running loops. So let’s walk-though the code <?php //create the array with 10 elements […]

How to connect MongoDB using PHP

After posting content about MongoDB, just thinking of posting another content about MongoDB but with PHP. Yes this post about connecting MongoDB with PHP,  if your are using Windows OS you can check with below link about MongoDB installations & enable extension in Wamp Server. Installing MongoDB in Windows OS How to enable MongoDB extension in WampServer […]

How to enable MongoDB extension in WampServer

This post will teach about how to enable MongoDB extension in WampServer for PHP 5.5.12 version. If you have not installed MongoDB in your system you can check this post Installing MongoDB in Windows OS. List of things need to installed before enabling MongoDB in WampServer. WampServer 2.5 MongoDB 3.0 If everything is installed, then we […]

How to track impression using image tag

Tracking the impression using image tag it’s playing important role, whenever you are sending email or include the image tag into another website to display your ads. It will send the parameters and get back the logs. How Impression tracker works Impression tracker display the image using server-side file and send back user details to server. […]

Caching the Data using APC – Alternative PHP Cache

Now a days most of the website are used to cache their data to reduce the server load, Also speed up the response. We are going to discuss about the APC – Alternative PHP Cache. APC is a Alternative PHP Cache as I already mentioned, its used to cache the data, remove and expire in the given […]