Difference between var and let and const in JavaScript

Today article we are going to discuss var and let and const feature. Most people worked on var but not sure about the let and const.  Because var is more flexible than let and const.  First why var is more flexible than let and const. var can easy to access between the function and files, […]

How to use JavaScript Array Reverse Method

In my previous post we have discussed about sorting the array element using JavaScript in ascending and descending. JavaScript have another method called Reverse which will reverse order of array elements. Reverse method will not support the compare function like Sort method. // Create array variable and assign the element var arrData = ["PHP","ASP","Nodejs","GO","JAVA"] // […]

How to use JavaScript Array Sort Method

Hey, after a long gap i am posting a content related to sorting array data using JavaScript this one came in mind when I was working in a JavaScript project. Yes using JavaScript you can order the array data in ascending or descending. But how its possible in JavaScript ? Yes its possible using JavaScript […]

Working with HTML5 local Storage prototype

After a long gap I am plan to post an article in Html5 local Storage, what is the use of local Storage and which way it will be helpful to storing the data. HTML5 has a feature to store & retrieve data from the client user browser without affecting website performance and not to round-trip the server. Previously […]

How to access global variable in JavaScript

Accessing global variable in JavaScript, what is global variable where it used. Global variable is accessible everywhere in the script, for example if you want to access variable which defined in top. <script language="javascript"> // declaring global variable var myVariable = 1; Its accessible inside the function or outside the function as variable. there is […]