10 Easy ways to learn jQuery Datatables – Part 1

What is Datatables ? DataTables is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library. It is a highly flexible tool, based upon the foundations of progressive enhancement,  and will add advanced interaction controls to any HTML table. It’s support pagination, ajax, preload data, inline edit & lots more. Before starting up with DataTables, lets ready with the […]

How to track impression using image tag

Tracking the impression using image tag it’s playing important role, whenever you are sending email or include the image tag into another website to display your ads. It will send the parameters and get back the logs. How Impression tracker works Impression tracker display the image using server-side file and send back user details to server. […]

Working with jQuery.fileDownload.js plugin

Few days before I got help-request from one of my friend, they want to download the file using ajax calls.  I though of sharing jQuery.fileDownload.js plugin, which was created by johnculviner two years before. What is jquery.fileDownload.js ? Its a jQuery plugin which support cross server platform compatible, also works with multi browser. Support lots of methods […]

Working with header refresh using PHP

Now a days most of the website are providing real-time data streaming, when user visit the website they want to display the content without reloading the page, but how ? there is a simple way to do it, we are going to create simple html with iframe tag which will call the server page to […]

How to check website status using PHP cURL

Today we are going to see about the website status, if you are having multi domains but want to check the website status its up or down.   You can go with below source code, which will tell you. Now we will create simple php file which have php and html code source. Our php script will […]