Difference between var and let and const in JavaScript

Today article we are going to discuss var and let and const feature. Most people worked on var but not sure about the let and const.  Because var is more flexible than let and const.  First why var is more flexible than let and const. var can easy to access between the function and files, […]

How to schedule a script using crontab guru editor

Today we are going to discuss about scheduling a script using crontab guru editor, people who are working in linux OS they aware of crontab.  Setting up and viewing the crontab list is easy for the expert or IT infrastructure team who work frequently on it. For the beginners or developers it’s really the hard […]

How to make money from shorten url

People use to make money in different platform like Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and so on. Now you can make money from short url. So how it’s possible to earn from short url. There are lots of shorten url application in that, we are going see about Miniurl.  Miniurl help you to make money from shorten […]

How to use JavaScript Array Reverse Method

In my previous post we have discussed about sorting the array element using JavaScript in ascending and descending. JavaScript have another method called Reverse which will reverse order of array elements. Reverse method will not support the compare function like Sort method. // Create array variable and assign the element var arrData = ["PHP","ASP","Nodejs","GO","JAVA"] // […]

How to use JavaScript Array Sort Method

Hey, after a long gap i am posting a content related to sorting array data using JavaScript this one came in mind when I was working in a JavaScript project. Yes using JavaScript you can order the array data in ascending or descending. But how its possible in JavaScript ? Yes its possible using JavaScript […]

10 Easy ways to learn jQuery Datatables – Part 2

In my previous post, we have discussed the Basic jQuery Datatables with static data, this post we will be discussing Server-Side Ajax calls & Pagination. As you already aware of preloading the data from the database, but the main problem is bandwidth which will crash server & take the time to load the data in client […]

10 Easy ways to learn jQuery Datatables – Part 1

What is Datatables ? DataTables is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library. It is a highly flexible tool, based upon the foundations of progressive enhancement,  and will add advanced interaction controls to any HTML table. It’s support pagination, ajax, preload data, inline edit & lots more. Before starting up with DataTables, lets ready with the […]

How to run loop without using for or foreach loop over array

I use to contribute source code in few website, in that website one person asked question how to run the loop without using loop in array. On that time it’s trigger on my mind is array_walk function which can surface key and value without running loops. So let’s walk-though the code <?php //create the array with 10 elements […]

How to enable Slow Query Log in MySQL Wamp Server

When I was working in code migration project, I got chance to fine tune code as well as database side. Everything was fine while running the site, but when its come to load testing its creating issue with select queries side. Due to the un-optimized queries, which was creating slow queries and site become too slow. […]

Working with HTML5 local Storage prototype

After a long gap I am plan to post an article in Html5 local Storage, what is the use of local Storage and which way it will be helpful to storing the data. HTML5 has a feature to store & retrieve data from the client user browser without affecting website performance and not to round-trip the server. Previously […]

How to connect MongoDB using PHP

After posting content about MongoDB, just thinking of posting another content about MongoDB but with PHP. Yes this post about connecting MongoDB with PHP,  if your are using Windows OS you can check with below link about MongoDB installations & enable extension in Wamp Server. Installing MongoDB in Windows OS How to enable MongoDB extension in WampServer […]

How to enable MongoDB extension in WampServer

This post will teach about how to enable MongoDB extension in WampServer for PHP 5.5.12 version. If you have not installed MongoDB in your system you can check this post Installing MongoDB in Windows OS. List of things need to installed before enabling MongoDB in WampServer. WampServer 2.5 MongoDB 3.0 If everything is installed, then we […]