Installing MongoDB in Windows OS

MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database which store data in json structure key pair value. It’s easy to integration data.

But we are going to see about installing MongoDB in Windows OS.  MongoDB support four Operting System Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris. Also you can download Current, Previous and Development release.MongoDB_Logo

We are going to download Product Release (3.0.1), select “Windows 64-bit 2008 R2″ version and download it.  Once you downloaded the MongoDB version run it and follow the steps. Continue reading

Alexa Free API

Alexa.Com is a website providing rank based on web traffic, they providing result like.

  • Site Overview
  1. Display site ranking relative to other sites, based on global and local rank.
  2. Engaged are visitor to your website with Bounce Rate, Daily Page-views per vistor and Daily Time on site.
  3. Audience Demographics
  4. Audience Geography
  5. Search Traffic
  6. Upstream Sites
  • Site Comparisons
  1. You can compare your website with competitor site
  • Site Linking in
  1. Display links of the website where it’s added
  • Site Keywords

But all the details available in website, when you are trying to access, providing free API which display Dmoz and ranking of the website. Continue reading

How to connect MySql database with Nodejs

Nodejs is a powerful platform which used for real-time data with flexible of handling data in file system or database side.  Today tutorial we are going to discuss about the connecting MySql with Nodejs.

Before getting into our code part, first will discuss about things needed for MySql connecting with Nodejs then will move to our code side.

First we need to check the MySql package is installed in our current Nodejs version or not. We have the command to check list or individual package installed in Nodejs. If the package is installed it will display the package else show “(empty)” value.

Display list of packages

Nodejs npm list command

Nodejs npm list command

Nodejs npm list packages

Nodejs npm list packages

Let’s see how to execute individual package and their output display. Continue reading

How to monitor connected and disconnect user IP Address in Nodejs

Nodejs have the ability to track the connected and disconnected user IP Address with node package.

What is ? enables real-time directions which is event based communication. Its works on all the platform, browser or device on reliability and speed. We need to check few package it’s installed or not.  if not you can install and ip both package from your terminal.

Installing package

Installing package

Installing ip package

Installing ip package

Once you have installed both the packages, let’s include our needed package into our code and create server where our code will on that port.

var app = require('http').createServer(handler),
	io = require('').listen(app),
	ip = require('ip');

handler function will print “Welcome” in browser. Continue reading

How to track impression using image tag

Tracking the impression using image tag it’s playing important role, whenever you are sending email or include the image tag into another website to display your ads. It will send the parameters and get back the logs.

How Impression tracker works
Impression tracker display the image using server-side file and send back user details to server. It’s used to track your ads which display in different websites.

Impression tracker using image tag -

Impression tracker using image tag –

Let’s create simple image.html which have image tag and include image.php to display and capture logs entry.  Continue reading