Working with HTML5 local Storage prototype

After a long gap I am plan to post an article in Html5 local Storage, what is the use of local Storage and which way it will be helpful to storing the data.

HTML5 has a feature to store & retrieve data from the client user browser without affecting website performance and not to round-trip the server. Previously data stored in cookie side but there is a limitation to store the data which can be handle in JavaScript or server-side.

But its not possible to store huge data like local Storage. HTML5 local Storage can store huge data with key pair value format, also support fetching, remove and clearing the data.

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How to connect MongoDB using PHP

After posting content about MongoDB, just thinking of posting another content about MongoDB but with PHP. Yes this post about connecting MongoDB with PHP,  if your are using Windows OS you can check with below link about MongoDB installations & enable extension in Wamp Server.

Before starting up our tutorial let’s check MongoDB is running status by executing simple script to check in PHP.

MongoClient is used to create and manage the connections between PHP and MongoDB.

$con = new MongoClient( "mongodb://" );

Let’s  create simple  feedback form to add and show the data from MongoDB. first create demo database.  You no need to create collection because when you do the first insert collection will automatically created and insert the data into it. Continue reading “How to connect MongoDB using PHP”

How to enable MongoDB extension in WampServer

This post will teach about how to enable MongoDB extension in WampServer for PHP 5.5.12 version. If you have not installed MongoDB in your system you can check this post Installing MongoDB in Windows OS.

List of things need to installed before enabling MongoDB in WampServer.

  1. WampServer 2.5
  2. MongoDB 3.0
Wamp Server 2.5
Wamp Server 2.5

If everything is installed, then we will download MongoDB driver from for PHP 5.5.12 version now we have to download from the website. Continue reading “How to enable MongoDB extension in WampServer”